Separating Vocals

Is there any way I can separate vocals from music in a song using music software? I have magix music maker 14 if that helps but dont know how to use it. Or maybe someone could suggest other software, even if its not free I can still give it a go. Thanks.

You could [B][I]try[/I][/B] with audacity…

Are you talking about trying to [B]remove[/B] vocals?

Normally, the vocals are present equally in both the left and right channels of a stereo recording, whereas the instruments are more in one than the other. To remove the vocals it is sometimes possible to split the stereo into left and right tracks, invert one of the tracks and then recombine them. If you invert the result and then combine it with the original track, theoretically you should be left with the vocals, or at the least highlighted vocals and reduced instruments.