Sent request for Key Upgrade from DVDfab 4 to DVDfab 5 with no response


I have sent 2 requests over 24 hrs. ago to Support for the key upgrade from DVDfav version 4.x.x (purchased on Nov. 20, 2007) to DVDfab version 5.x.x. and have not recieved any response.

Anybody has same issues? I thought that the free life time upgrade policy does not apply to purchases made after May 08, 2008. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Check your spam filter, should have gotten it almost instantly. What browser and firewall are you using?

Thank you for your suggestions, I do not think it is the SPAM email issue because I did not received it on my Blackberry (do get lots of Spam emails).

It will send the key to the email address you used when you bought it.

Got it finally. :slight_smile:

I had to change the email adrress to a different one then instanly got it after using the retrieve new key option as someone mentioned in the other thread.

Thank you all.