Sense key=medium error



hello, i tried to burn a dvd and got this: sense key=medium error sense code=0x0 c write error. can´t figure out what is wrong. i burned a dvd with the same file two days ago and everything was fine. also using the same dvds…anybody had the same problem?


Welcome to the forum, BellaAngora :slight_smile:

Whenever I’ve had that message in the past, it’s most often been a) cruddy media, b) burning too fast (i.e. above 16x), or c) a combination of both.

Can you tell us:

What software you’re using
What media brand (and rated speed)
What actual burn speed you chose
What drive you have

I might’ve missed a few things out, but the above details will give us something to work from for now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: You say you used the same DVDs before: with some media brands, quality can vary depending on who manufactured the discs. So it’s not unheard of for some discs from a pack to burn well, while others burn badly. :slight_smile:


Even though as you said [B]“also using the same dvds” [/B]it doesn’t really mean that
they are going to burn the same.

I’ve had as Arachne mentioned several discs from the same stack that was complete
duds wouldn’t burn for anything while the rest of the stack was excellent burning discs.

I have bought several hundred discs of the same brand / type / speed at the same time
from the same place and while several stacks might have all super burning discs several
other stacks can have some mediocre burning to non burning discs in there. :iagree:


hi there…thanks for the fast reply…in the meantime i tried again to burn different files. this time avi-files. some of them worked, some not. yeah maybe it´s a problem with the dvds…just strange that i did not have this problem until now (with the same brand) and now it started :sad:

i am using toast8, macbook pro (recorder: HI-dt-st DVDRW GSA-S10N) and TDK DVD-R, burn speed: best (other options: 2x, 4x, 8x).

what is also strange, that if i put in a dvd to burn and toast is allready opened, then the computer does not recognize the dvd. if toast is not open, then it´s not a problem…

which burn speed would be better?

thanx a lot!!!..i keep on trying…:wink:


Not sure why the PC won’t see the blank disc while Toast is running, perhaps some strange thing with Toast (not a Mac user myself, so that’s just a guess!), but as long as the disc is recognised before you open up Toast, then I’d say it’s annoying but not a huge worry. :slight_smile:

I believe the highest speed your drive can burn at would be 8x - with decent media, I’d say go ahead and burn at that speed, but with those TDK’s…you can try 4x and see if that helps - but any lower than that I don’t think would help.

The TDK DVD-R (16x) that I’ve used have either been made by Moser Baer India Limited or CMC Magnetics. Under the TDK brand, I’d say both are alright but nothing special. For best results, I’d say give Verbatim discs a go - LG drives can sometimes be picky about media quality, as well as the fact that it’s a Macbook/laptop drive, I think that’s where your problem is.

EDIT: Also, if those are 16x discs you’re using, firmware support for them on some slimtype drives might be lacking - if that’s the case, then it’ll use a “default” write strategy that may or may not be very good. Firmware updates for these drives may also be pretty scarce. With decent media like Verbatim, firmware support is more likely to be there for them.

Good luck! If all else fails, decent discs should fix the problem. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=BellaAngora;2552200]hello, i tried to burn a dvd and got this: sense key=medium error sense code=0x0 c write error. can´t figure out what is wrong. i burned a dvd with the same file two days ago and everything was fine. [B]also using the same dvds[/B]…anybody had the same problem?[/QUOTE]

Unless you used RW discs they can’t be “the same”… :wink:
Even they are the same brand, same specs, same outfit etc., they just look same or similar.

TDK DVD- media is a poor choice since a while.
Do yourself a favour and buy reliable dvd media like Verbatim or Ricoh.


hi arachne…now i tried with burn speed 4x…and it worked. great thank you!! and i will get better dvds in future…thanks chef!!!

allways something more to learn…


You’re welcome, I’m glad the TDK discs weren’t a complete waste and could still be used until you get some better quality stuff. :slight_smile: