Sending back sony dvd rw dw-d22a need help

I ordered a sony dvd rw dw-d22a drive to back up some dvds and burn audio. I have had the drive for about 3 weeks now and it is very inconsistent. It burns audio cds fine and will play and read all the dvd r media i have tried. The strange part is that it plays certain commercial dvds but others I have no luck with. I have tried to get help on this forum and done some things that were suggested which didnt fix my issues. What do you think is a good drive in the price range of 65 bucks ( what i payed for this sony) and has good updates and service. I was stupid to order a oem version. Or should I not return it? can I flash this drive to make it work right? I really need help

Send the Sony back (if you can) and get one of those.

Have you tried flashing it to Liteon 1633S BS0S firmware? You can then use the bitsetting feature to set +R media to -ROM? Use LtnFW to backup you firmware first. If it doesn’t help you can always flash it back to the D22A firmware. :wink:

I flashed it to the lite on model you spoke of. Nothing has changed besides the name of my drive lol. Im lost at what to do now? I tried that kprobe2 and it would not load up any disk while in that program. I think I might be sending this drive back. But what should I get?

my system is a amd 64 300

768 mb ram

ati radeon 9600 xt

asus k8n nvidia nforce3 250 motherboard

I just want a dual layer burner to back up some dvds and to have that much space to burn data also.

The drive Two_Degrees suggested is a good choice, for a replacement of a Liteon, as it supports PI/PIF reporting with Nero CD-DVD Speed. :wink:

Check out [thread=118027]this sticky thread[/thread] in the Recording Hardware Forum.

The more I look into these Sony drives the more I’m not liking all the problems, I’m returning my dru-710a. Do yourself a favor and get a real drive like a Plextor or NEC, not another off brand.