Sending a DVD to Europe


I have a possibly stupid question. I need to film an audition video (I’m a ballet dancer) in America, and then I need to send to Europe, where they won’t be able to watch it, I’m assuming. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to burn information from one format to another?

Thank you!

why won’t they be able to watch it? I assume you are sending it on DVD? if so as long as the DVD player and television they use can output NTSC there will be no problem. If they are playing it on a PC there will be no problem either. If you are still worried convert the video to PAL before you send it. Guides to do it are here;41 although the software you will be using will probably have the option of converting from NTSC to PAL

Should be fine in most cases because the most of all players running in europe have inbuilt converters to adrress PAL and NTSC to the monitor/TV.

That’s great!

Thank You!

To be sure, you’d ask them what brand and model of player they have and then check on :wink:

you’re welcome.