Sending a DVD back to DVD HDD on DMR-E55..possible?

Is this possible at all?

I want to send a DVD that i have previously burnt on the same unit BACK to my HDD.
For 2 reasons.
1.If i ever have to edit a dvd after i have burnt and deleted it off HDD.
2.So i dont have to use my PC to burn DVD’s and edit.

I connected it the same way you would with a VHS.
Connected my DVD player to my DVD-HDD (in-front ports) and played my DVD,stright away faint grey lines cut across the screen,although sound and picture in fine,its these faint grey lines appear.
Anyway when i press record,it tells me that copy-protected program appears.
How can this be when its just footage taken from TV or other VHS Tapes that have already been burnt.

Please help

What units are you using to playback and record to?

It’s seems like that must be copy protection circuitry being output to your recorder if you see grey lines.

I’m using the Philips DVP-642/37 to a Panasonic DMR-E80H HDD/DVD recorder through L1 and don’t have any problems dubbing to the HDD for any content that doesn’t have macrovision.