Sending 1 message to multiple Accounts?

i have a friend who wants to send out emails to multiple addresses but he doesn’t want each email to show all the emails addresses he sent the message to…i guess this is like mass email…not sure really…like a message that had been forwarded to a bunch of addresses that show up in the header…say in an address book…but he wants it to look like each message was sent singularly to each individual but on his end…all at once

is this possible?

It’s possible in Outlook Express (and therefore Outlook I guess).

Click on The “book” by the To and select the receiptients & put in the Bcc box.

whenever this is done…do you have to put in each addy seperately then space them with Semicolons/colons(: ; ) etc?

Use a semi colon as the separator. That’s what Outlook Express does when you select from your address box.

so it would look something like this?;

sorry,i’m not an email guy…i just use yahoo or gmail

Yes that should be OK.

Like the idiot I can be I clicked on that “link”. :o

LOL…i did to :slight_smile:

thanx timC…this is exactly what i needed…appreciate your help