"Send To"

Probably a really ridiculous question, but here goes…On Windows Vista, when you right click a file and click “send to,” I assume that this actually means “copy to.” You are not actually sending the file to a different location, you are simply creating another copy of it in another location (like an external hard drive). Am I correct in assuming this? Like I said, probably a dumb question, but I am somewhat OCD about this kinda stuff and I just wanted to make sure…I apologize if this question has been asked before on here. I don’t use this forum often, but occasionally I have a silly question.

Yes, you’re copying it.

Send To is a collection of actions that can be performed on a file (or folder).

One (or more) of these actions is to copy the file (folder) somewhere else, but other actions are also possible - e.g. sending the file (folder) to a program. Sending to a program is the same as opening the file in that program.