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[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung CD-RW 52X32X52. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Help!!! I want to send some files to a CD-/RW disk, but my CD-RW drive does not show on the send to menu. I have Windows XP Home with all three service packs. I have Samsung CD-Rom and CD-RW drives preinstalled on my computer. I also have a LG external DVD burner. What can I do to get my CD-RW to show on the Send to menu and actually work?
I never had this problem before.

I did disable Auto-run because of the Conflicker Worm but do not know if that is the problem or not.
Thanks to whoever can help me.

[B]Send To[/B] does not burn files.

The burner needs an application to burn anything, so you cannot “SendTo” a burner.

Most burning applications have more than one function, this makes it imprudent to “SendTo” a burning application as well.

If you have a single burning application and know the executable for the precise burn function that you wish to use, you could add that executable to the [B]Send To[/B] list.

The [B]SendTo[/B] folder is a [B]hidden[/B] folder under each account.
Open the folder and right-click to access the “SendTo” prompt. Navigate to the application you wish to use for that activity and select it.