"Send To" feature

I have just added a second HD (F) and have made a folder called My Documents 2, but i’d like to have the send to function when i right click a file display My documents 2 as well, how do i add this on?

This might be what you are looking for. Check out this link and go to the “SEND TO TOYS”. http://www.gabrieleponti.com/software/

Also, PC WORLD has information on how to do this by clicking and dragging.

I havent read the above links, but it is extremelly simple (when you know how of course) but go to folder settings in control panal and choose to show hidden folders. Go to your documents and settings.

Usually C:\Documents and Settings"your name".

In there will be a folder named “send to” that was previously hidden. Create a short cut to the my documents 2 you are watning (just go to my computer and go to the at folder and choose create shortcut) and just copy that created short cut into this “send to” folder and wha-la.

cheers Anthony1uk, that did the trick, also to harley2ride for taking the time to get those links.