Send NEC a request for +R/+RW Bitsetting! CLICK HERE

Follwing the anounced success of our quest in getting PIPO scanning capability added to our NEC drives, we are faced with a small dilema …

Which FW should be chosen as a base for our favourite unoffical FWs?
Should we go for MadDog’s bitsetting capability and sacrifice PIPO scanning or should we choose the upcoming NEC FW which adds PIPO scanning but which will most likely lack +R/+RW bitsetting?

My question is why sacrifice any of them when is perfectly possible and quite easy to have them both, provided that NEC is willing to implement +R/+RW Bitsetting in this upcoming FW?

So with this in mind why don’t we start a new campaign and try to persuade NEC to be so kind in embedding this very useful feature in their firmwares, so we don’t have to choose or to wait for MadDog to do it …

So, please send NEC(.de) an e-mail and cast your vote … and let’s see if we can beat the number of people who voted in the previous poll :wink:

PS. Also, let’s not forget to thank NEC for listening to us and implementing this very useful feature (PIPO scanning)!

I voted no, first my 50$ DVD player eates everything I toss in it, second NEC/Erik just did a great job for us NEC users and they deserve some time to bask in it and third give Maddog a chance and they just might include the latest updates from NEC/Erik!

I voted YES, and sent NEC the following message:

A while ago I have written to you asking if possible to implement PI/PO scanning to your NEC35XX units, and you’ve mentioned that your engineers are investigating this problem. There are some trusted rumours in the CDFreaks forums that this feature has been implemented and there is only a matter of time until we would be able to use our favourite NEC drive for Q checks. I would like to thank you very much for providing us with this feature.
There is only one feature which has not made its way yet in NEC firmwares, and this concerns DVD+R/DVD+RW bitsetting. This feature is much sought after by a large number of users, and in order to get it, currently we have to void the warranty of our drives by using modified MadDog firmwares. Once the new NEC FW with Q-check on board will be out, many users will have to choose between this feature or keeping their bitsetting FW, or maybe wait until MadDog adds Q checking to their units …
As technically speaking, this would be rather easy to do, I am sure that introducing this feature too in your upcoming firmwares will be extremely well appreciated by your loyal customers and it will earn you an even greater share of happy users and a host of new potential buyers.
I look forward to the release of your upcoming FW and I hope to find inside another small bitsetting surprise :slight_smile:
Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
All the best, CVS

By the way, their web feedback form is here:

I think we should first wait for the pif firmware to be avaliable before we bug nec again. It’s kind of ungrateful.

Well said keytotime! To underline my second point, NEC/Erik just did a great job for us NEC users and they deserve some time to bask in it.

But Bitsetting shouldn’t really need a lot of work for NEC. Probably just changing some “#ifdef” lines in the firmware sourcecode. It always takes so long to manually implement the bitsetting code.

Okay Then, I sent one.

Send request

request sent…the power of the people!!!

I was under the impression that nobody knew if the scanning would require a new firmware or not.

I know bitsetting isn’t available in the official firmware, but neither is riplock removed, so people will still be flashing their drives with a modified firmware.

  1. From the latest info it is pretty clear that scanning will require a fw update …

  2. True, but at least we won’t have to choose between scanning or bitsetting … additionally some people might not be interested too much in RPC1 (can be sorted via software solutions) or ripping movies, or media speedups and then they can avoid voiding the warranty …

Voted yes and sent e-mail.

Why not voted yes and also sent email…

I don’t understand why you guys did not also ask for jitter and bitsetting at the same time oyu asked for PIE/PIF scanning. Seems you guys were a little shortsighted in that respect. If you are gonna ask for something you might as well ask for everything else at the same time I always say.

Might of been, but don’t ask for to much it makes people mad.

I wrote NEC on the matter
" On the Mad Dog web site your company developed for them the
16XDVD9A2_FW_1F3.exe which is DVD_R/RW Drive ND-3520A Firmware Flash Utility by NEC. It is located at


Look under Firmware Update

Why doesn’t your company have the utility up on the NEC web site? "

Here it the answer that they gave me.

Updates, software and hardware are created at the request of the OEM
manufacturer , this software is not transferable to other drives which can
have different features.

NEC Solutions America

Bitsetting matters not. Most devices read DVD+R’s just as well as DVD-ROM’s

What matters: P-CAV! There’s no reason to buy a Z-CLV drive when you can have a P-CAV one.

Thats simply not true. Many well known brand name DVD Players will not play a DVD+R media. Most likely because their brandname openly support the -R camp.

As for P-CAV Vs Z-CLV it makes little or no difference to burn quality. Apart from P-CAV being a bit faster at burning at 8X or below.

Bitsetting matters not. Most devices read DVD+R’s just as well as DVD-ROM’s

Like Dee said, some companies deliberately make dvd players either not play +R/+RW media or stutter so bad they are just unwatchable, but bitset the same +R/+RW media and it plays perfectly on the same player.

Bitsetting should be a standard on all drives.

this is the reply i got from sending an e-mail via the uk web site.

[b]Dear Customer,

I can confirm that I have had information that this feature will be added on future firmware updates on most of our drives.


Mark Hallsworth

NEC Data Storage Support.[/b]

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: