Senator drafts bill to limit the use of anticopying technology

I just posted the article Senator drafts bill to limit the use of anticopying technology.

kamikazee used our news
submit to tell us that senator Sam Brownback has
said Wednesday that he has drafted a bill that would limit the ability of
record labels, movie studios and…

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Do I detect an intelligent Senator or did he not get enough of an incentive to have a mind of his own?

I’m sure a hardware company either gave him money or wrote the bill for him.

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What is the expression…“the road to capitol hill is paved with discarded honesty, truth and good intentions”…I’ll sit this one out…:X

or as “tazdevl” said…sen Sam Brownback could be getting some greenbacks…:X

Well like I said in one the other posts this can only help because at the same time this is going on Microsoft is lobbying to get their next-generation secure computing base DRM operating system to be the only computer that can get on the Internet. And that probably won’t work so as everyone knows they’ve added features to the OS to make using another operating system really hard to use.

I guess they grow more whan wheat in Kansas. I say Hoo Ray and three cheers :slight_smile:

Sounds like free choiche and/or will. Interesting.