Senator Brownback introduces digital rights bill

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tell us that Senator Sam Brownback has introduced the Consumers, Schools and Libraries Digital Rights Management (DRM) Awareness Act of …

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As with most political things we must show support while being cautiously optomistic about this bill. Its only 18 pages so far and ill likely go through significant changes before presented for a vote. I would adivse the community though to keep abrest of all changes to the bill and watch as it matures so that we can stop any changes that would cause this bill to fail. Also write your senator and adivse him/her that you support this bill. I would also advise the international people to write Sen Brownback and let him know that this issue will be watched world wide. If this bill is going to suceed it will need lots of help as the RIAA has deep pockets and Im sure they will stop at nothing to prevent this or change it to their advantage.

Yeah the RIAA have deep pockets because CDs are so over priced…they probably get a bigger cut than the artist! :+ Wake up music industry and stop funding these sycophantic parasites, they’re leeching off you and every one elses back.

Innocent until proven guilty…Right to make a legal backup…rather quaint, dare I say, novel ideas…ABOUT BLOODY TIME !!!.. We luv ya sammy…:X

My view on Kansas has changed :slight_smile: