Senate Judiciary Committee cracks down on camcorder films



I just posted the article Senate Judiciary Committee cracks down on camcorder films.

Thursday of last week, the United States Federal legal system passed a bill that would certainly give pause to amateur producers of films created in public theaters with…

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I have a friend who’s sister was molested. The molester got one year.


“This bill will help end the most egregious form of copyright piracy.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL Since when did making something illegal stop pirates? Do they really think the pirates are going to say “OMFG, this is illegal now, we better stop.” Like they didn’t know it was illegal somehow in the 1st place.


i agree about the camcorder copies being junk. Complete waste of time watching it in grainy vision with hollow sound.


This should not be a felony. Sometimes it seems lawmakers are so ignorant they spend most of their time getting led around on a leash.


I wrote my Senators about this, since I guess that’s where it’s going to go next. If you want to, the address is and the bill’s name is The Cornyn-Feinstein ART Act. Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are co-sponsors of the bill. Lindsey Graham in my state. It disgusts me to see his name here.:r


What I don’t get is that they complain about piracey and all but yet the number 1 movie this weekend was Mean Girls that totaled just under $25 million. And that was only in about 2800 theaters. Not bad for opening weekend. All in all the top 5 movies totals were just shy of $63 million. Where’s the piracey? I believe the government should spend their time on more important things like job growth instead of this crap.


Shoot since there is no way to edit, Mean Girls totaled just under $25 million.


Well must be the dollar sign that’s not working. Mean Girls was 25 million and the top 5 totaled just shy of 63 million.


The government does have better things to do. And they should tell the recording industry and the motion picture industry that it is up to them to figure out a way to make their products copy-proof. If they can do that, then more power to them. Until then the government should not be hounding school kids and threatening them with law suits.:X


We must support this bill to keep our society clean of pirates. :d


It’s going to be tough for them to catch the theater owner/manager/projectionist who brings in their camcorder/telecine and makes the copy during a “private screening”. (And yes, I’ve known projectionists who did this, especially before Rocky Horror was released on video). The thought that such an inferior copy would be enough to keep someone from going to see the movie in a theatre or buying the DVD is laughable, unless the movie is just so bad that watching a portion of the camcorder copy convinces the viewer that they don’t want to see the movie.