Senate immigration bill suffers crushing defeat

A new day has been born in the USA. It is no longer people protesting on the streets that are changing how Washington votes on bills. The people in Washington blamed talk radio for this crushing defeat. but I for one do not listen to talk radio I do watch news on the TV but for the most part it is the internet that gives me my news. I think they are scared in Washington about not being able to govern anymore without the citizens speaking the mind on bills.
What they do not seem to understand it was the internet that allowed the people to stop this bill. The emails sent by people like me and even my mother-in-law who I am sure had never before called Washington or sent them a letter, but did send them many emails over this. It is hard to govern educated people who have the means to speak the mind without listening to them.

Does not matter if a person was for or against this bill, what I think time will show is that what happen to stop it will change the way our government works for the better. I think ten years from now they will be saying, this was the bill that started the middle class people taking back there government.

I did listen to a little bit of talk radio for the past week or so and it did seem that every single political person on those stations was against the bill and that definitely swayed the american people.

What immigration bill?