Senate chooses to delay DTV transition

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The United States Senate has elected to delay next month’s scheduled transition to digital television until June 12 – at the earliest – as there is a large number of Americans who aren’t prepared…

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Morons. 4 months isn’t going to get these idiots any more ready than they are today. They’re only going to get ready when the boob tube stops working. Then they’ll whine and bitch that nobody told them it was going to happen, or that nobody came out to their home and fixed the problem for their lazy asses. What a waste of time and energy. Good thing the tv stations have spent the last several months CONSTANTLY warning everyone it was going to happen in Feb. Now they can really confuse the sheeple by putting it off. Great job Senators. Way to tackle the tough issues facing the country.

Wait, you aint seen nuttin yet. The next thing is goin to be if ya can’t read or figure out how to use the converter box the Govt is gonna send you a coupon for a new LCD with a digital tuner. :iagree:

I agree with both Chuckwagon and rontheripper. People who aren’t ready by now probably won’t be five months from now either. Anyway, I wonder how many of the people who say they aren’t ready for the conversion actually are, but don’t know it. I think a lot of people confuse digital with high definition, and assume that because their TVs aren’t high definition, they’re not digital. (I’ve got a 4-year old RCA that has a digital tuner in it.) Also the commercials that have been running for the past year or so are a little misleading. They make it sound like anyone using an antenna or rabbit ears needs a converter box, without mentioning that’s only true if your set has an analog tuner.

I’m very disappointed that the Senate passed this. I hope the House doesn’t pass it (which is needed to make it official), but I bet that they will.

As Crabby mentionned in another thread, it’s actually a smart move in a sense…not really safe to go play with antennas and other rooftop stuff in middle of winter.

Not sure why anyone would need to “play with antennas and other rooftop stuff in the middle of Winter”. The only thing that changes is attaching the digital converter box between the TV (usually not on the roof) and whatever antenna/rabbit ears you’re already using. This delay is nothing but politics. The federal rebate program ran out of money, and there are too many cheap ass people who think the the government owes them a converter box, and therefore won’t go out and buy one on their own, so the program was re-funded and the date extended to make those people happy and voting Democrat.

CompUser, I don’t think you are very well informed regarding the switch to DTV. Many people who currently recieve good NTSC with an antenna will not get good, if at all, reception with ATSC. The digital signal is much more fussy than people realize. Trust me, I’ve been through this and I know. Most ATSC signals are on UHF channels, thus a UHF antenna is necessary but in many cities some stations are going to revert to their VHF High channels at the switchover thus the antenna needs to be able to receive VHF as well as UHF.

Once again. the government needs the television in order to accomplish their brainwashing. Until they are satisfied that everyone or nearly everyone can get the propaganda flowing into their living rooms, the plan wil be delayed. I am sure that there will be “task forces” sent out to adjust anyones antenna or do any maintenance to get the signals flowing to all the minions out there.

Bottom line is everyone was sent these notices & chose to through them in the garbage probably with other things like phone & electric bills & now theyre unprepared.:iagree: Hence more dumbing down of America so the crap can keep up.:iagree:

Looks like the House defeated the bill. At least for now. :slight_smile:

I agree with Chuckwagon, rontheripper, and you CompUser. I guess adding analog tuner to the ads would just further confuse most people. Simpler just to say, if you have an antennae, or rabbit ears, buy a converter box, and the government (taxpayers!) will give you a $40 chit. Do you want me to come over and plug it in for you, too? I guess so. Some of those who ordered the chits have let them expire! Duh!

Society used to really piss me off. Now that I’m 70, I think I understand better. The gov’t reports every year that over 30% of the population is functionally illiterate. Remember the dumbos who sat in class with you? Also, there are more elderly, retired people today. My 88-year old in-laws get confused and flustered when I say, “let’s go for a ride on this beautiful day.” I’ll be there next!

Finally, if Congress keeps delaying the transition, nobody will believe it’s really going to happen until their set goes blank, which is going to happen anyway. People have to fall off a cliff before they realize they are going to die. That’s just the way they are, and you can’t change them.

In the meantime we the people are denying all our emergency services the bandwidth to improve our national security. At some point Congress is going to have to cut it off and say “We told you so!” Here’s your Chit! Bill Engvall says, “Here’s Your Sign!” :bigsmile:

Much more fussy? Not really, it is actually better. With digital, you either get it or not. With Analog, you get ghosting, lines, and snow among other things due to to poor signal strength. Very few if any channels in your area will be transmitted VHF in HD. The only ones in my area are PBS channels. If you are getting poor HD reception, you need to see if your antenna is pointing at the correct towers in your area. You can look up where your towers are located on the net,

I got a Clearstream 2 antenna from Antennasdirect. It can pickup VHF stations even though it is mostly UHF. They say it is coming soon but you can call them and get it. I am getting most of my channels good but some come in at half or less signal strength due to the towers being in opposing directions. Eventually, I need to invest in an antenna rotor.

How could you have missed the tons of commercials and news broadcasts advertising the transition? Also, how could you have missed the tons of broadcasts on how to get digital television if you have a analog television? Even the show Ask This Old House on PBS did something on it and have aired that particular show several times now.

Some people will never switch until you force them to. Delaying doesn’t do a damn bit of good.

Also, why did the goverment run out of money for the coupons? I mean they already sold off the frequecies that are going to be unused for billions and they ran out of money? And what did our elected officials do with all that money?

Or they will wait till they get it totally free. Then if they cant get a good enough signal the Fed will try and force the cable companies to give them free basic cable.:iagree: