Senate bill to give FCC authorisation to enforce broadcast flag

I just posted the article Senate bill to give FCC authorisation to enforce broadcast flag.

  A 135-page senate bill has  been proposed to give a major makeover of the Communications Act of 1934, which  would mandate the broadcast flag for both audio and video transmissions,  virtually...
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wow sounds likea tough bill to me soon we will be buying credits to breathe air

it is really pitiful that we amreicans are greedy than ever; only thing matters is money. where are the values that conservatives are shouting…those b!@#$@ are even more greedy than rest

The poor remain poor - and free. (why?) The duteous middle class worker has to work longer to enjoy the short & ass-expensive free time he got. An unhealthy, stressful lifestyle makes you spend your money on wierd, artificial food. Time optimized max. fitness is found in massive Gyms (with air-filters and AC). And now we have to go another step to place ourselves under disability being maltreated with this bullshit! to CORRSA: Paying for air? Well maybe yet another buisness plan behind the US environmental politics. Soon everyone will have an oxygen tank next to his oil/gas tank - or die at the age of 35 :g

The morons, just killed the final incentive to upgrade current free to air to digital spec, short of switching every analog TV transmitter off! Oh well, as Ted Turner said “The United States has got some of the dumbest people in the world. I want you to know that we know that.” As Nelson would say Ha! Ha!:B

…and the stupid American people once more roll over and play dead. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. I’m sick and tired of hearing about these stupid laws being passed while those idiots do absolutely NOTHING to help themselves and the rest of the world cops the stink of America’s farts. This post will likely be censored but I don’t care - someone has to call a spade a spade.

Many items are sold around the world. If it is only the USA that requires the broadcast flag, will the companies building the equipment do: 1) Make every country obey the broadcast flag, even if it is not required 2) Produce a different version for USA and for the rest of the world 3) Create a firmware option that enables/disables compliance with the broadcast flag.

To quote John Prine: “Blow up yer TV, thow away your paper, move into the country, build you a home”. I don’t think that these folks understand that TV, radio, movies and the internet are not “necessities”. Make them difficult enough to access and I simply won’t use them!

I still think they’re going to have have to push back the analog cutoff thing. I still think a majority of people still use analog. However I don’t get if this cutoff just means they’re going prohobit local antenna based tv, or if it means cable companies can’t distribute analog cablevision anymore anyways. i hope this doesn’t make it through… even though I’m not american, (I’m Canadian), it would be easier for companies to manufacture devices with the drm crap installed for both countries, rather then make drm free devices for Canada. Theres an election in the fall, maybe it’ll just get lost in the shuffle.

Well it is official. The U.S. Government has been bought, lock, stock and barrel. The bill paying citizens are nothing more than sugar daddies to these corporations. Now if the public just had a memory span that lasted more than 15 seconds perhaps we could vote some of these politicians out.

Think of the impact when they realize they cant afford TV anymore :B AAAHAHAHA TV is the number one drug to keep a population under control. Maybe there will be a 2nd Woodstock movement, more serial-killers (raging mad cuz of a flag-message in front of their beloved soap-opera). Think of all the social problems the screen in every livingroom soothes :slight_smile:

I have a feeling everything here will be DRM’ed up the wazoo, and/or copy flagged. I am willign to bet, sooner or later, most will just give up watching TV and/or listening to the radio all together. Shame we can’t just go back to analog. :frowning:

I think the next 20 years are going to see a huge change in human trends. Capitalism will try to suck so much out of everyone, it will collapse. I’ve no idea what is next in line, but I expect there to be a big change. Keep an eye on China.

Screw digital…long live analog!

Once again, Orwell comes to my mind :frowning: i see revolution in decades to come…

Will the cable companies have to upgrade their cable network to support those who are currently not in the digital service area? Not everyone are able to recieve digital cable. Will they be forced to get satillite? Seems that way…