Sen. Hatch is a software pirate, website uses unlicensed code

I just posted the article Sen. Hatch is a software pirate, website uses unlicensed code.

mendoman and stormmaster both submitted an interesting
article. According to the
article, Senator Orrin Hatch, the man who favors the development of anti-piracy

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Arrrr, shiver me timbers matey! There be warez in those waters! :B

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of someone elses JavaScript… :d

Seems quite hypocritical to me. Unfortunatly as Dennis said, ‘free for personal or nonprofit use, something which the Senator likely qualifies for.’, a loophole that the Senator could get through. It seems unfortunate that it should come to this, a 900USD price tag, a proposal, a reputation and for what? No forethought on the Senators part in my opinion.
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…Neah, he’ll get away with that. Everyone who can will get away with piracy. But not the little ones. No, they’ll be prosecuted and condemned.

it actually requires a license, regardless of use, but the license is no cost. however, hatch’s source has the place for the license, without an actual license number.

i’m sure everyone would feel terrible if his webserver was destroyed. oh well, i’m sure someone is well on the way to that right now. :d By the way, if you look at the source on his site, it is licensed as of today (6-20-03)
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lol. my first website was also a patchwork of stolen code I got all over the net. it included more than 300 snippets of code. but it was a warez site, so what did it matter? today I have a legal site and of course use free code under the gnu license (phpnuke/phpbb). if the contents is lega, the code should be legal either. that’s something the senator hasn’t grasped yet. I guess he still has much to learn about how the internet works and how the judiciary system works. I guess it’s ok to destroy his website, because of copyright violations. after all, he himself proposed this practice :B

I think it’s safe to say that Hatch played no part in coding his web site, so as much as I’d like to blame him, he himself probably played no role in the matter. I feel bad for the web designer, though. As soon as Orrin started making his nutjob claims, the designer should’ve been adding those code comments and purchasing a legal serial for Photoshop… He didn’t, though, and now he made an ass out of his boss.

Talk about having your arse hanging out…Ah well, what happens when the mouth starts running before the brain is engaged… Must agree with Farad, I think Sen Orifice Hatch knows as much about computing as I do about astrophysics…:g :X

rofl, can’t believe I didn’t think of Orifice Hatch. gj! :B