Sen. Coleman takes questions online about piracy and RIAA

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  Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) went online Monday  morning with the Washington Post and the public at large. The  purpose was to field questions about the music piracy debate and the ...
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Coleman is having second thoughts already…I can see his argument travelling in ever decreasing circles until it vanishes up its own arse…:X

ummm… i didn’t see any “second thoughts” there, just his statement that the hardware and software manufacturers need to be a part of the process - which would be good, since right now all it is is the lawyers and the music & movie industries. What would be nice would be if the industries took a huge reality check and realized that until their hugely, disgustingly inflated prices come down, their consumers will never be able to afford their products, and as such, will contribute to piracy. Right now, Coleman is trying to enact legislation to expressly protect fair use, eliminate the criminalization of software companies like 321 Studios, and allow the consumers to keep what they buy. Since not too many of the US Congressmen are on our side, let’s not rag on him TOO badly, shall we?

And lets not be to NAIVE shall we !!..he is a politician and as such would place his political longetivity above any repercussions of the DMCA…:X