Semi Technical Question about CD/DVD Burning



I beleive that I’ve read that burning a CD\DVD with the largest files first speeds up the disc reading process. My question is, with what software (or procedure) can this be accomplished? I have a problem with damaged discs and having the largest files towards the center of the cd would be of a great assistance. I’ll sit down and wait for any answers (hopefully)!


Data is read faster at the outer diameter of the discs. But, at the extreme outer diameter (last 1-2 mm maybe), discs can be harder to read.

I think (not sure though) that burning software places files on the CD in alphabetical order due to the ISO9660 spec. The files are at least listed in alphabetical order but perhaps where they are truly burned is random.

How would having files at the center help you if your discs are damaged?


My data discs ineviitably go bad towards the outside of the disc, with last files always being the toughest to read. If these files are large, I get the cyclic redundancy error. Smaller files towards the outside have a better chance of being read. That’s why I’m trying to get the CD/DVD (data) to be burn with largest files first, towards the center. :slight_smile:


Then, would the smaller files near the outside of the disc not be hard to read :confused:


You can do this in Nero, right click on a file in your compilation and you can set it’s priority. I believe it’s low for the center, medium for the middle, and high for the edge.

Had to do this once in a while for Dreamcast games, haven’t really run in to a need for it since, but hopefully it will be useful for you.