Semi-cosmetic BUG: login/logout

First a suggestion.

With the login, if you type a wrong username/password, and you click the login button, then you don’t get any notification that you made a mistake. I thought the login was buggy since I tried to log in but it just didn’t do anything. Turned out I had to sign up again…

It would be a lot better to at least give “Error: Unknown user or bad password for user xxxx” at the bottom the login text. I think this should be changed.

Secondly, when I’m logged in the menu’s don’t change. If I go up to the menu’s again then there will still be the ‘login’ option. Granted if I go to an article and the menu reloads then there will be ‘logout’ option instead of the ‘login’ one. But would it be a good idea to reload the top menu right after authentication succeeded? I dunno, it might be a waste of web traffic, but let’s all think about this one :slight_smile:

Thirdly, when I do log out, all I get is a small window that pops up and dissapears immediatly. Should this window say anything? Same issue as the login btw, I can’t see that I’ve actually logged out, since ‘logout’ is still in the menu. Reload the menus?