Selling My 110 , getting Sony 810A/Benq 1640 , good idea?

Hi guys

I was about to get another dvd writer with my Asus 1608P2S/Pio 110 drive for scanning and reading bad disks , then I decided to get rid of the 110 altogether because I heard that Pio 111 is alot better , and also decided to get Sony 810A “which is available here in Egypt” and crossflash it to Benq 1640 and play with it :bow:
Also I would get the 111 as soon as it becomes available here .
What do you think ?

Before anybody suggest to get Benq real 1640 or 1650/55 drives , they are not available her :doh:

I’m not sure, considering that Benqs have recently been reported as apparently being one of the worst scanners and readers.

If you want to get the Pioneer 111, just do it… having two drives can’t be bad :iagree:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d trust a BenQ scan over a Pioneer one.

Maybe you could get a Pio 111 and a newer LiteOn drive?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m a BenQ disciple & if you were going to use one drive then the Sony 810 crossflashed is a good idea.
Having made it clear that two drives will be used then as a reader/scanner the recent Lite-Ons would be a good investment. If you can get them. Despite some reports of BenQ not being good as readers/scanners, a lot of these folks are using f/w to speed the drive up. When speed is reducecd then they’re on a par with the best. When it comes to writing the Pioneer 111 is very good, but limited media support + a bit slow when compared to most other drives (standard f/w). BenQ has better/wider media support & with SolidBurn wiil try to get the best out of almost any media. Also is the fastest drive I’ve ever had. So Lite-On if you can, partnered with either the Pioneer or BenQ(Sony crossflashed).

Thank you very much for your replies , isn’t this forum great ?! :bow:

I think that I am just gonna sell the 110 , get Sony 810A crossflash it to Benq 1640 (by the way , the bad scanner in the other thread are 1650/1655 not the 1640) .
Then I’ll look for LiteOn , although it would be very hard to find it here in Egypt “LiteOn CD-ROM drives are recently starting to show up” !
If not the LiteOn , it would be definately Asus 1608P3S / Pio 111D.