Selling laptop online



Need a little advice, never sold a computer online. What is the best way to go about my existing password and things of that nature, any help on what to change would be appreciated.


DBAN should be able to do the job that you need, but you will need to read (or find a tutorial on the Internet).


If you have set any passwords in the BIOS remember to clear those as well.

And if your laptop relies on a recovery partition for reinstalling the OS, you may wish to preserve those.


Some allow you to make a recovery DVD, so you can recover the laptop to its original state, make the DVD backups, and then DBAN you HDD and re install the OS from the DVD’s it should be OK, not perfect, but OK and very time consuming.


Thanks V, I have a tool for that, was wondering do I send it with an OS, as the one I have was installed by me.


If so I guess send it without a password sign-in, that can be done , right?


You haven’t mentioned which OS, but for Windows and most versions of Linux the answer is yes.

If installing Windows 8.1 or 10, where it tries to force you into using a Microsoft Account, just click on ‘skip this step’ and you can create a local account.

Been doing that a lot this weekend, preparing some Windows 10 VMs to archive. Almost done.

Another option (if you’re using Windows) is when it has finished installing and reboots, on booting windows for the first time you are presented with some options screens (setup an account, give MS to spy on you, rights of [I]Droit du seigneur[/I], agree to a set of terms & conditions that would teach even Satan’s demonic hordes a thing or two about contract law etc.). If you just shutdown the computer, when its new owner boots up, they will be presented with a virgin OS with the same first run options. The downside is that you can’t get into Windows fully to verify activation, drivers etc. (Although you could take a disk image, boot fully, check everything OK and then restore the image.)


Just wipe the whole boot drive and reinstall windows 10 on it, this way its nice and clean, when you first install windows you can choose whether you want a password or not. You can also change the password esily if you know the old one so I would make it 1111 ( easy to remember and the new owner can change it to whatever he likes


Thanks Alan, that’s how I did it.