Sell your boss and company out win $36,000 from the BSA



I just posted the article Sell your boss and company out win $36,000 from the BSA.

RTV71 used our news submit to tell us that
Anti-Piracy group the BSA (Business Software Alliance) is offering a reward of
$36,000 if go behind your boss and companies back and report…

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I guess that’s why they’d do an investigation.


Also, in the first paragraph the money amount seems switched. It should be doubled to $36,000


Obviusly these people that reported their bosses and companies did not need their jobs.:S


I wonder if you could report yourself and still get the reward?


i wonder why BSA does not investigate companies violate GPL licenses…guess because GPL software are hurting BSA member’s busienss frankly, it is very difficult to NOT to violate any terms & conditions listed under software license; not to mention, it is near impossible to read them it’s tempting, but there are more valuable things than money in my life. btw, did i hear right, they want businesses to pay more money on top of already way too high fees to make sure nothing is violated


I guess employers should treat their employees well, or make sure their software is legit. This should actually help open source. Oh, and in the US, there are laws that protect you for “blowing the whistle” on a company’s illegal practices.


Dont hesitate a bit, cos your boss would undoubtedly sell you out for 10 bucks if he can gets more by doing so. ;)c


Wow, I could make a living out of this by switching jobs as soon as you report you boss! All you really need to do is 1 report every 2 months and you’re rich!


I love this topic - You know if I knew my emplyer was using pirated software I’d report his sorry arse - not for the money, for the question of principle. I do not condone piracy in the corporate world especially - seeing that companies make billions in profits they can bloody afford to use legit software so I encourage anybody to report your employers and don’t do it for the reward, do it to piss off those wankers…they make a lot of money, they treat employees like shit, so let them at least carry legit software. Sorry for being harsh, I’m just pumped :smiley: