Sell me 1 White Surface and 1 Silver Surface DVD (so I can compare)



Just went out and bought the Epson r200. Now I’ve gotta start copying my discs to inkjet printables, and before that, I’d like to find out if I like silver surface or white surface more. I’d rather not be stuck with 50 discs that I don’t want. So, could someone sell me 1 silver surface DVD (or cd, doesnt matter), and 1 white surface. I dont care if they are coasters or w/e, as long as I can print on them.

I was thinkin $5, and also I’m in the U.S.

PS. Both discs do not have to come from one person.


Ask for a sample by email with an explanation of what you are trying to do and I would guess they will send you some at no cost. That is just the kind of company they are.


chas0039 is right. Rima is pretty good. Basically, the white top will look as if printed on paper, and the silver top will have a “faux” holographic effect…


Awesome, thanks for the tip. I emailed them my problem and they told me they would ship one silver and one white to me to test (TY brand!). Big thanks, rima definately shows quality even before I’ve made a purchase.



I also have that same printer. I buy High-Speed DVD-R (DVDR) 8X 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank DVD Media from The link is:

When I use DVD Identifier on those discs it reports that they are: Taiyo-Yuden which are supposed to be the best. When you buy 600 they are only .24 cents each. I like them because, I simply never get coasters and I like being able to print all the way in to 21MM. Even if you only buy 50 they are only .27 cents each.

Allmediaoutlet is located in California (my home state) so if you are from out of state you don’t pay sales tax.

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I almost forgot. You can’t print to a silver top or even the shiny white top media. For that printer, you must White Inkjet Printable media. You can get them in the hub printable which allows you to print into 21MM or the non hub printable that you can print into 42MM.

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