Selftuning LDW-411S?

Got my new toy this morning and burned a bunch of DVDs (Platinum DVD+R 4x) :slight_smile:

Afterwards i played around with KProbe and checked every disk. The first disk is a pure coaster with a lot of PI/PO errors (max 1370/872, total 6971629/1703120, avg 408/100). The second disk was a lot better (max 46/4, total 146514/550, avg 8/0). Each disk up to the last (max 17/4, total 37909/425, avg 2/0) has better results than the disc burned before.

Is the drive countinously optimizing it’s write-strategy or are the media sorted by quality? :confused:

Is the discs on a spindle? As the discs on the top and on the bottom usually have lower quality than those in the middle of the spindle. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I’ve experienced.

Tried re-scanning the first disc? same result or?

No, the discs came in jewel-boxes (10 pcs. in a pack). I’ve scanned them again, this time from the last to the first and the results are the same. There’s a good correlation between the order of burned and errors. My only explaination is that the drive stores probed opc-data somewhere.

what settings are u using in kprobe?

i use 2x or 4x
uncheck max (as then it goes at full speeds and results will vary)
pipo sum 8 ECC

I’m always scanning at 4x (MAX disabled) and verify during the scan that the drive show a matching actual speed. Sometimes it reads only with about 2,4x across the disc so I have to restart the scan. ECC SUM is always 8, too.