Self-destucting disks as a part of a new marketing strategy for movies

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  Convex Group,  a little Atlanta company plans   to distribute their low-budget film 'Noel" with a new marketing strategy. A  part of the new strategy is to release the movie on a...
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" and the disk becomes unreadable 48 hours after the package was opened" Hum… sounds like they’re using ‘normal’ SkyMedia DVD-R disks… On second thoughts, 48hours… maybe not… that’s a bit optimisitc for Sky :wink:

Like I said when the same news story come out (with a different company) a year ago… This company should be fined with crimes against the enviroment for making a product who’s SOLE intention is to rot in a dump for the next thousand years. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT! From this point on I will never buy a product from Convex be it a DVD, pencil, blank paper or whatever else they market.
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Here they come again!!!..Yes, you’re right this is not the first time the idea comes out. Rule one: the ones that buy the DVD have only one hidden intention - piracy! Rule two: If an honest guy wants to buy the disc doesn’t need it for more than 48hrs. Afterall, why should one need to see a movie more than once? Rule three: buying a disposable DVD is better than going to the movie theatre. Why should one prefer to see the big screen, if a small TV or home projector its much better and cozy? Rule four: even if they cannot extend it to self-destroying books, newspapers and magazines…if you want to see the same movie twice you will pay twice. And if you think about films for kids, the cash register possibilities are almost endless…!!! Rule five (just for the costumer side) go to the movies instead and don’t buy this kind of cash cow!!! :g

Agomes. I dissagree with you on some points. If your a real movie lover you so some movie`s more then once(Star Wars,Scarface,Lord of the Rings for example). Second i prefer to see all my movies first in the theater and then on dvd. You can have a big ass tv with a DTS set but it wont be like the theater it self. And not to get offtopic, You can rip the disc to your hd and burn it, So whats the use of a selfdestruction dvd??? A Better solution would be selling de pressed dvd for a acceptable price.

They should send it with a pre-paid envelope like Netflix to send the disc back to them for a coupon of $2 off your next disposable disc purchase. Then all’s you have to do is watch this movie with it hooked up to your PVR that can record it, network it to your PC, burn it to DVD and BAM! … OWNED.

Recycling Flexplay discs are fully recyclable and conform to all applicable EPA environmental standards. Flexplay has partnered with GreenDisk and local environmental organizations to develop several closed-loop recycling options to test with consumers. As distribution of Flexplay discs increases, Flexplay will continue to work proactively with content providers and recycling partners to broaden the collection and recycling program.

LOL, or just rip it using your DVD drive in your computer…why do it the hard way, and degrade the quality.

cant you just copy it onto normal dvd-r whilst still in the 48 hour period?

Those were my thoughts too :wink:

While still within the 48 hour period? If I opened such a disc, its first stop would be the DVD drive (for that matter, it might never make it to the player)! Recycling: Yeah, there are recycling facilities for aluminum cans too. Guess that’s why nobody ever tosses them in with the rest of the trash, huh? What do you mean they DO toss them in with the rest of the trash?

Great concept…as long as we can pay for them in self destructing cash…:X

This idea is old… It first started with self destructing tapes… You guys are familiar with the Mission Impossible TV series arent you? “This message will self destruct in 3…2…1…phssssssst!” :d

RDJ You’ve got my point. If you have a look at it, the first 4 so called “rules” pretended to be these people way to see things…obviously from the wrong perspective. If you buy a DVD and you are a cinema enthusiast, for sure is because you would like to keep it and see it more than once…after seeing it in the theatre big screen. As I said for kid’s films '“ they are able to ask you to put the same disc time after time and weekend after weekend. I can conceive that someone would buy a disposable disc to see just once if it is really cheap, or rentals could use them and avoid returning obligations from costumers, but the concept we see here is maybe one that would try to extend to all sales and keeping the stupid high prices…

What part of the failure of DIVX did this company not understand?

I love reading about companies like this, with all their ‘promising’ and ‘innovative’ marketing plans, and then reading the follow-up articles on cdfreaks saying how they failed. Who needs movies with this sort of fun? Just as predictable as anything from Hollywood but funnier and REAL! …and free. Fun for the whole family.