Self Destructive CD

Is there a way to burn a data CD so that the data will eventually destroy itself?

For example, if I wanted to give a CD to someone to use for perfectly legit purposes but don’t want them to be able to use it after a period of 1 month.

Obviously this would be really easy to get around by copying the photos off the disc while it works.

And I’m not looking to erase something that I bought so I can return it to the store or anything.

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I don’t know about CDRs, but there’s definitely a way to do it with DVD media: use RITEK G05 :bigsmile:

If it’s photos (as mentioned in your post), why not watermark them?

I’m turning them in for use at my university’s paper, and they need to be usable for that purpose. Watermarks in a newspaper don’t exactly look good.

No, there are no self destructing cds available to the public. There are some movie dvds that are made to self-destruct a short time after playing, but those are sealed away from the air until use, and are not something you can buy and burn data on. They’ve also proved to be very unpopular, and thus are rarely seen.

(still chuckling a little about Arachne’s G05’s :))

Personally, I don’t care if the CD is destroyed or just the data. Both would serve the same purpose for me.