Selective Transcoding?

Is there an all-in-one program that lets you choose how much transcoding it to be done on all parts of a DVD? For example, you want to compress the main movie less while compressing extras more to fit it all on one DVDR, to get a better quality movie because the extras don’t matter so much but still keeping them. Basically allowing you to pick and choose how much you want done to each video set. Anything out there that does this?




DVDShrink hands down… unfortunately the programmer quit 'cause asses hacked the source code, changed the name, and sold it to the mindless masses.


Having great joys myself using DVD Decrypter to rip all files in file mode then DVD Shrink to edit/remove all unwanted cr@p/extras/subs/audio from the film and processing with the latest version of IC7.

A perfect combo IMHO! :cool:

Did DVDShrink actually quit? I hope that it’s not true.

I highly doubt that. He just released 2.0 this week.

Doubtful… bah don’t listen to him he’s probably stoned. :bigsmile: