Selection of Taping Speed

I have started taping with my 5005 and one issue that seems to keep coming up is what speed to select for a VHS tape.

For example, I have a six hour videotape totally comprised of camcorder footage that was originally recorded onto a VHS tape at LP. When transfering it to DVD-R I chose the SP (2 hour) mode because I thought I noticed a very slight difference in quality in test recordings. The only down side of doing this, of course, is that it will take 3 DVDs to cover it.

Then, on the other hand, I’m wondering if a VHS tape recorded at the SP mode will reproduce as well if saved on DVD at the 4 hour mode.

I haven’t begun to transfer any Video 8 or mini DV camcorder tape to a DVD-R and also wonder what rules of thumb apply to them regarding quality from one original taped speed to a different DVD saved speed

Any enlightenment on this issue would be most appreciated. :bigsmile:

My suggestion is that when you’re copying stuff, always go for the better quality setting.

When you’re recording (not taping…hard habit to break, isn’t it? :iagree: ), use the SP setting, if you don’t want to use the HQ one hour setting.

To go with the four hour setting could be a mistake, since some have had occasional problems with the processor dropping frames and creating a strobe-like effect for a minute or two here and there.

If you have the three hour option on your machine, that might be a bit less likely to give you the problem. That way you can use two discs per tape.

Now, if it wasn’t for the strobe/lost frame problem, I’d say go with four hour, because the picture quality itself is very good.

The odd thing is, while my machine did have the strobe problem to begin with, I’ve occasionally used the three and four hour mode anyway and have found that for some reason, with time, the problem has shown up less and less.

Just food for thought.

Oh, and as for “what speed’s best for what speed” I don’t think that’s really a factor. Just go with what will preserve the picture quality the best. The respective speeds of the original and the copy really (in itself) has no effect.

Just go with what preserves quality.

I agree with Gastrof here - bear in mind that the number of lines on a typical VCR is only 350-something for SVHS. Taping at the full duplex resolution (SP or even HQ) will not really improve the picture quality in terms of resolution although you do get the illusion of an improved picture, particularly if the original is a bit “crackly” or “spotty”. The Liteon seems to be able iron out minor imperfections ending up with a slightly softer picture (good for ageing stars!).

LP (3hr mode) or EP(4 hour mode) will give as good a picture as on the original tape. Both have the same resolution, but the 3 hour mode uses a higher bit rate and so fast moving items will look better. Ultimately, you just have to try it and see.

Personally with both a 5001 and 5002 I have found four hour mode to be quite acceptable, and have not suffered the strobe effect that Gastrof refers to (is this perhaps a reception interference pattern?).

Out of interest does anybody ever use the 1 hour mode on a Lite-on and can they tell the difference with 2 hour mode - I personally can’t tell?

I see no difference :rolleyes:

I actually can see the difference between HQ and SP, but on the other hand, I think the four-hour setting is nonetheless very good. I’d happily make recordings on that setting if it wasn’t for the strobe/jerky movements effect.

Some feel the frame-drop/jerky moments thing is heat-related. It sure doesn’t seem to have anything to do with reception. All my recordings are off either VHS or TiVo…never use the tuner. The effect seems to set in suddenly, last for a minute or two, then go away. No pattern I’ve noted as to when, how far into the recording, etc. Some feel the processor is just getting hot and tired for a minute or two.

I’ve made two recordings this past weekend using the three hour speed and saw no problem at all. Today, nearly a full four hours at the four hour setting, and again seemingly no problem.

I may start using it more often… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I just say that I have found the 10 recorders that i have had 9 went back for the Strobing effect (and the 10th is going that way) all did the strobing when using anything other than the tunner so from video using Scart and from the digibox also using scart but from the tunner not a single frame dropped, The latest box ios from the LVW5006 and it does sound better on the tunner