Selection highlight

how do you highlight buttons in this program?? i did it earlier… but then they suddenly went missing the links are still there but they are invisible on the dvd so selection is random… please help!

How did you do highlight button? Are you editing an existing menu, adding a new button?

What version of ReMake? Any other software you use?

I thought i did it by changing color schemes and button settings. I added my own buttons to my own menu as i wanted to merge 2 dvds. i dont know any other software that can do this without having to go into details with the video streams etc.
im using the latest version (3.4 demo) as i want to make sure that i am able to use the program properly before i buy it.

ahhhhh… the great sence of satisfaction you get when you solve a problem… (after many hours trying to figure it out) for anyone else who had this problem… all you have to do is enable subpicture tracks, and it works.

Have you take a look at this GUIDE to replace startup menu?

There are many authoring software that can create custom menus: Dvdlab, Dvd Maestro, DVDStyler, Nero Vision Express, TMPGEnc DVD Author, etc.

It’s great you got your problem solved. Indeed, the button highlight is in the subpicture track. When you add a new button (drawing the red rectangle over the button graphics in the menu background), the button highlight must be in that rectangle to be shown when selected or activated. Refer to the manual for more explanation.

That’s just the problem I’m having. I’ve made my own merge menu (with buttons) as instructed in the guide but when I change the location of the default highlights (using Edit button - Position) to the location of my buttons they don’t highlight anymore. Just where do I “enable subpicture tracks”?

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First, let’s have a brief overview of what the menu is consisted of so you understand better in order to modify the menu, and know how to fix it if the result is not what you expect.

The menu is consisted of 3 things:

  1. Background
  2. Button highlights (subpicture layer, invisible in DvdReMake but viewable when playing and in other authoring apps used to customize menus)
  3. Button rectangle/markings (red rectangular box as seen in DvdReMake, PgcEdit, and other authoring apps)

The button graphics, aka “button text”, is part of the menu background embedded as a video or a still image. The only way to modify this is export the image and edit it in a graphic editor, like Photoshop, and save the result as 24-bit bitmap. The guide explains more in detail.

The button highlights can be seen only if they are in the button rectangles. What you are doing is changing the button rectangle’s position to “enclose” the new “button text” of your still menu, when in fact the button highlights are still in its original position. Thus, you don’t see any highlights upon playback.

If you are customizing the menu of your own design including different button graphics and position, you should modify the button highlights (extracted using SubRip) to match the button graphic’s positions as well. This indicates a complete menu reauthoring. For this, you need to use an authoring tool and follow this guide: There are numerous posts regarding this in cdr-zone forum, so search around.

Having read the relevant threads in the link I thought “there has to be an easier way” … bring on TMPGEnc DVDAuthor …

Made a couple of 5 sec .mpgs, imported then into DVDAuthor, made a custom menu using a .bmp background, minimised size of “Play All” button (to prevent text from showing), entered suitable colour of text for the two buttons (the text itself becomes the button), exported to produce “Menu” DVD files.

Imported 2 dvds into DVDR, merged them, imported “Menu” dvd and copied new menu PGC, added copied PGC in menus of merge as PGC2 (below PGC1 (root menu)), copied all pre and post commands from default PGC1 to new PGC2, deleted buttons not needed in new menu, copied button commands from default to new menu, set new menu category as root menu, deleted default menu, exported test and … it works … highlights and everything.

Having saved the project in TMPGEnc DVDAuthor I can now modify the buttons and/or background and do all the alterations required to customise a merged dvd in less than 5 mins.

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