Selecting the BEST COMIC of all times

Heya everybody,

I’ve opened this thread for a very important question. I know it’s a difficult question but I really just have to ask it :iagree: … OK here we go:

Which is the best Blindwrite Garfield comic I’ve ever published?

You can vote from number 1 to number 177. I’ve even added the numbers 1 to 49 on the original Blindwrite website…

So all the real Blindwrite fans will sure have a comic they like best :wink: :iagree:

Yeah Namoh I know you have a very biiiiig list of comics you like :wink:
But if you really had to chose only ONE … well which one would it be?

Would be cool if lots of people answer to this thread … perhaps even those that do not post feedback normally


Thanks everybody!

Do you now what you’re asking? :eek:

It’s the same as having the 1000 most beautiful women on earth and say: pic the most beautiful one.

It’s impossible … but I’ll try anyway. :wink: :iagree:

I’m sure you will find the best comic for yourself :slight_smile:

and by the way… I really LOVE this simley:

Well if you ask me … I really think comic number 175 is hard to beat… it is my personal favorite comic at the moment…

Comic number 175 is number ONE
Comic number 158 earns the “Special Award”
Comic number 93 really earns the “Toaster Award”
Comic number 50 earns the “Odie Award”

This will take some time Alex, stay tuned for my reply :wink:

Allright I narrowed them down.
These comics made me all laugh and I mean really laugh (my collegues think I’m weird).

Comic 35

Comic 50

Comic 56

Comic 67

Comic 79

Comic 80

Comic 85

Comic 92

Comic 127

Comic 136

Comic 148

Comic 149

Comic 151

Comic 158

Comic 169

Comic 175

I really don’t know if I can choose ONE as the best comic, these are all very funny comics on there own special way.

@kalas - then I’m really interested in what comic you will chose :slight_smile:

@Namoh… ohh… that’s sure a loooong list :wink: … I guess I just can’t demand you to select ONE comic… this task seems impossible… but hey that’s just a good feedback because you love more than one comic :wink:

I know and I already narrowed the list. :bigsmile:

Yeah, I love more than one comic, but that’s because they differ from the kind of humor.

I’m still looking. I know there was one somewhere. I guess i will just have to read them all again to find it.

Hi Womble,

thanks for the lots of feedback :wink:
I just can’t wait to see what favorite comic you got!
Please tell me soon! Thanks!


Well it’s 3 weeks later … already picked one? :wink:

Well my all time Favourite got be no 37.

Thanks for this feedback Ivanhoe,

yeah I really think number 37 is one of the best… and it’s back from good ol’ year 2003 :wink: :slight_smile:

I don’t want to choose one, because there are many really great comics (Namoh listed many of them). Just continue with the great work and let the community laugh.