Selecting Sound When Copying a DVD

I have one quick question regarding sound and DVDs. I’ve been copying DVDs for quite some time now. I used to use DVD Decrypter + DVD2One, then I switched to DVD Shrink, and now I use DVD Decrypter + Nero Recode (per someone’s suggesstion) to copy my DVDs. All of these processes require me to select the audio channels for the Main Movie. I generally always select the highest quality channel and leave all others out; however, I’m curious, is this the wrong thing to do?

I only have a 2 channel system here so will select Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound actually give me a worse product? The reason I select the highest quality sound is because sometimes I take my copies over to watch on other entertainment systems that have true 5.1 Dolby so it is nice to have it available.

I apprecaite any guidance I can get as far as this goes. Thank you!

While I am not a sound expert, I have a number of systems so I always select 5.1 and I have never been able to hear any difference whatsoever on the stereo system. One other note, DTS will result in nothing at all unless you have DTS.

On most movies you have a choice in English of 2 channel audio, 5.1, and sometimes
DTS. The two channel is almost always the soundtrack for the “extras” on the DVD not the movie. Leaving out the 5.1 would leave you with no audio for the movie.

Thanks for the info guys. It’s good to know. I’ll make sure not to select DTS ever. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot by selecting the wrong audio channels. As always, the help is much appreciated. Thanks!

it’s always safe to select 5.1. sometimes there’s the movie soundtrack in BOTH 5.1 and 2 channel. more often than not the main soundtrack is 5.1 and the director’s commentaryor audio for extras is 2 channel.

audio tracks are another reason I always write to ISO before burning a disc. I check to make sure I’ve included everything correctly before I waste a disc (plus I leave things on my computer for a bit because there’s no TV in my bedroom.

How does this enlighten you as to when you might miss an audio track you want? Am I missing something about ISO?

Also, DTS in addition to 5.1 is never a problem, just a waste of space if you will never have DTS compatible equipment. I have it and most times it is still a waste of space.

you could do the same thing writing to files as well. i always write it to my hard drive first so i can open it up and “watch” ie scan through to make sure it looks ok and that i got the right audio before i burn. i’ll listen to a few bits here and there to make sure i got the right audio, watch for a few seconds to make sure it’s not overly compressed, then I’ll burn it.

I got you now. Thanks, that is what I do most of the time as well.

Generally if you select the audio track for the main movie that you want, it should copy the audio for the whole movie. Why would you end up missing a part of the desired sound? Thanks!

He means that he makes sure that he selected the right audio track(s) by watching the dvd before burning it.

Ah thanks makes more sense. I do the same prior to burning a DVD. While the price on the media has gone down, they’re still spendy! :slight_smile: Thanks guys!