Selecting individual layers in CloneDVD: Is it possible?

Is there an option within CloneDVD to do a movie-only rip in 2 parts, one part for each layer of the original disc? Ollie said that it can be done but I haven’t fount an option within the program to select individual layers. Such a feature is available in other software (e.g DVD2one when you select movie-only mode). Thanks in advance for any replies.

You can split any title at chapter boundaries and burn these different parts on different media. The cool thing is, that you can keep the menu as well!

Let me simply quote the CloneDVD manual (available by clicking “help” in the program):

Chapter cutting: You have the possibility to cut off unwanted chapters or to split one movie in two parts. Click on the scissors to open the control element for cutting off unwanted chapters. Another bar appears below the play bar. The small points symbolize the chapters, the space shows the approximate length of each chapter. You can move the blue triangles to cut off unwanted chapters. Either you click on the orange bar to move the blue triangles step by step or you directly drag it to the chapter where you like to have it. The Play Slider above automatically moves to the position of the triangles so that you can watch the first movie scenes from each chapter. The green writing in the preview window shows you the chosen chapter and its play time. On the right hand side, in the title selection, you can see the chapter selection with each title

Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected

Hope this help!

Thank you for your thorough reply Olli, it was so easy once you pointed it out… I’ve neglected to read the help file in the past… Stupid of me, I know…


Is there a way you can put a split movie to 2 disc’s option? This would be so much easier than trying to do all that.

CloneDVD User Manual !

@ CyStIc

For information on how to split a movie into two parts it is suggested to view the CloneDVD User Manual. The CloneDVD Manual can be accessed in the following manner. On the CloneDVD opening page click on “Help” located on the top upper right hand corner on the opening page. The CloneDVD manual will appear.

When the Clone Manual appears look on the left had side of the manual for “Using The Application”. Click on “Using The Application” and then page down to “Splitting” for instructions on how to split the moving into two parts.

For any additional question you might have it is also suggested to view the CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide by MadBob. This Guide is very detailed and provides step-by-step pictures on exactly how to use AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination. A link to the CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide is provided below.

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Well, I wasn’t asking how to split a disc, which I already know how using the clip chapter function. My comment was a request for a 1 button click option.

it’s already this simple a 1 click option is really not required
and with the one click option you would lose the possibility
to decide yourself what content exactly you want to have
on each disk

after you have written first disk go back to selection screen
use right mouse button to invert your selection and write
the 2nd disk