Selecting DVD internal burner


I’m new to blu-ray and am looking for a good BD burner internal SATA. Is there a recommended model out there for a reasonable price? I found many at $200 and up, but lower priced ones often have no reviews.


Are you in the US or europe? If us you can go to and look at their site and type in the model unit and if enough people have bought that BD unit they should’ve have given it some feedbacks. To to me is alot more better then reviews sometimes. But I use both to determine what drive or drives I would like to get.

Prices on many computer components seem to be holding steady now days, or even shifting slightly higher. Suppliers have probably been cutting back on production during the poor economic times.

The Pioneer 205BK is the most recommended BD burner these days. It is not very reasonably priced. Right now at it is $219.99 with free shipping. Just a few weeks back it was much closer to the $200 level.

I’d stick to LG or Pioneer for a BD burner, but the Pioneer 205 would probably be the best right now.

I did check Newegg and saw the ratings, good info.
I like pioneer so will probably fork out the dough for that one. I often get Liteon but some have not so good reviews.


In your subject line you say: Selecting DVD internal burner, but in your question you ask about Blu-ray Burners.

For the best internal DVD burner, you must go with: Plextor PX-850SA

And for the best internal Blu-ray burner, I am forced to recommend the Plextor PX-B940SA

The PX-B940SA cost me $257.00 delivered from and it’s rated at 12X.

To see some reviews and how much it might cost you, in google type in:

Plextor PX-B940SA 12X Blu-ray Burner

Hit enter and read on.

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The Plextor 8940SA is a rebadged Pioneer 205. See this thread:

They simply want more money for the Plextor name painted on it.

The Plextor PX-850SA is also a rebadged drive that carries an unwarranted premium price.