Selecting correct chapters to copy

Say you have a dvd that contains the theatrical and unrated versions (or widescreen and normal for that matter) on the same disc, selectable from the main menu. How do I properly select everything BUT one version? I want to retain all relevant menus and special features. Also, do the menu buttons activate ‘playlists’, in other words, does an extended version on the same disc and the regular version simpyl require the addition of a few video files which will be inserted at appropriate times if the user choose the extended option, or is the entire video actually duplicated? If the later, how about using the one as a 2nd source to overcome scratches.

What I would REALLY like is a feature where you go through the movie and ‘watch’ (actually just fast forward through) everything you want copied. To pick the correct version of a movie would be as simple as clicking it from the menu and fast forwarding to the end (or clicking on each chapter of the movie from the menu while holding down CTRL). This would be incredibly handy. I’d pay extra $$$ for it because I currently can’t get it with any software. Sure I could do some manual editing with pgedit or something, but I’ll buy two copies of the dvd from the store before I learn how to do that.

Thanks for any ideas, tutorials, or whatever sort of advice you have.

Usually (but not always): If a disc has theatrical and unrated versions it is added/substituted content. If it has widescreen and pan and scan there are probably two full versions of the film (often on different sides of the disc). The Customize mode will allow you to exclude content while preserving menus, or select the “family friendly” audio track if the disc has one. The preview window runs in fast forward and can help identify which version you have selected. For “added content” titlesets, when you click to add them watch the file size/ Quality % readout at the bottom of DVDFab’s window; if the titleset has long runtime but has little effect on the size or Quality percentage, it’s just added or substituted content compared to the titleset you have already selected. DVDs with these features are unusual and few are authored the same way.