Selecting audio when several "identical" choices




Ive just started to use dvd2one. it works fine the only thing I cant get is how to sort out which audio tracks are what.
For example, on movie The Cell the options are:

AC3 6ch english
AC3 2ch english
AC3 2ch english
AC3 6ch english

is it then understood that for example (in this case) the first two audio choices are the tracks of the actual movie and the rest are directors comments or something. since the options are identically labeled there must be some taken way to assume what is what.
so if Id want 5.1 surround Id only have to select the first option. (not the 3rd)…

so how do you know what the audio tracks plays?




I always select the first AC3 6ch in the list and that gives me 5.1 surround sound. The others in the list are either 2 channel stereo or DTS for players that have that function or Directors comments.