Selecting a name for a program for movie fans


I have written a program for movie fans, but I have some difficulties in selecting a name for it. That is why I would like you to help me make a choice.

The program is used to keep the list of movie collection. But the main feature of the program is that it allows its users to look through the list of movies in their friends’ collections. In other words, you can add a friend to your list (the same as in ICQ) and see if he or she has anything new.

I would like to underline this “network” feature of the program in its name. Although the program can work on its own as well.

If you would like to help me, please follow the link and vote:
Select several variants that you like best.

Here is the link to the beta version of the program:
1.56 MB



aiMovies (with the aim logos) (my fav)