Selected drive speed and drive slowdown during rips

Hey all…

I was posting in the CloneDVD forum, and now I’m posting here.

So my rips on my Plextor PX716SA drive, using AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter were almost always about 15 minutes, and this using AnyDVD’s drive default speed.

However, when I was using AnyDVD with CloneDVD, the rips were about 50 minutes.

I followed a suggestion here and changed the drive speed to “fast & noisy”, and the rip started out fast, and then, after about 2 or 3 minutes, slowed WAY down, to the point that the rip will end up taking, once again, about 50 minutes.

Does anyone know what’s going on in a case like this? Is AnyDVD slowed down the drive? Is the Plextor slowing ITSELF down? Has an error been detected?

I’m really curious about the big difference in behavior between CloneDVD with AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter with CloneDVD. Any experts or the software author out there?

  • Tim

Try this and see if it helps.

Slow reads & PIO mode!

Go to

  1. My Computer

  2. Control Panel

  3. System

  4. Hardware

  5. Device Manager

  6. IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

  7. Open the installed IDE channels (Primary and Secondary)

  8. Click on Advanced settings

  9. You will see the transfer mode. If any are PIO you need to un-install the channel (right click and choose uninstall) and re-boot. Windows will reinstall the device and return it to DMA mode.

  10. Be careful when using this procedure because if you have an older hard drive or storage device that does not support DMA you could corrupt your data.;en-us;817472

Thanks, Dr. Who, but if it were something that simple I would’ve found it a long time ago. Remember, this is a PX760SA - that’s Serial ATA. All settings for all IDE channels (which are immaterial in this case), as well as the SCSI & SATA settings, are maximal. The same box that has the DVD drive in it has 4 hard drives in it, through a separate ATA channel on the same board, and they work perfectly and at full speed.

So it’s unlikely to be a driver setting on these devices.

And, as I said, DVD Decrypter doesn’t have this problem - it rips at full speed, consistently, even when used with AnyDVD. Only CloneDVD + AnyDVD cause this to happen.

I have written to SlySoft - hopefully they will reply to my support request.

Thanks for your suggestions, though!

  • Tim

Completely DISable AnyDVD’s Speed Control Feature ( UNcheck )
Use your “[B]Plextor Tools[/B]” to control your “Speed”


I also had a problem with the speed control and my AOPEN CD-RW CRW5232. When I inserted a data CD, Anydvd hung. When I disabled the speed control everything worked fine.

@sheep18: Try what Shannon90210 said. I know her from another forum that she moderates, she is extremely knowledgeable and just might be able to help you. :bow:

Where can I get something like this Plextor tool?

It should be on the installation disc that came with your Plextor 760SA.

Sorry but I don’t have a Plextor 760SA. I’ve got a AOPEN CD-RW CRW5232. Don’t know if you know it. It’s a normal cd-burner. Very fast and reliable. Never had any problems with it.