Select part of a video

Hello, I want do this but I don’t know how… maybe there is a software out there… I have a DVD menu (on vob format) and it has inside a picture, is there a way to select that picture cut it off and save it (as picture or video file). Hope I was myself clear. Thanks! :slight_smile:

It will be contained in one of the VOB files. Usually the smallest one. Re-name the file with the extension “.MPG” and you can play it.

I know in what file is the menu, what I want is save the background picture it as jpg or a new video… is a way to do that or not?. Thanks!

Play with VLC, pause at frame you want> click video>snapshot…done…

I use DGIndex (part of DGMPGDec Version 1.4.9 package from )

Run DGIndex and open the VOB file (menu is normally in the VIDEO_TS.VOB or VTS_01_1.vob), move the slider till you get to the pic you want, then select Save BMP in File section. DGIndex is also good for clipping out video & audio from menus as well :slight_smile:

Yes, DGIndex :iagree: or VirtualdubMod can take snapshots or clip video as well…

Not sure I’m in the right forum for this question but can someone steer me to a website so I can download one of these “Not yet on DVD” movies?

Again as in the last crosspost, I will close this thread as this is an illegal request and you have crossposted in different forums, please read our rules before posting again. :cop: