Select language in VOB before converting to AVI

Hi, I have some VOB files that I’d like to convert to AVI, I got WinAvi Video Converter that can perform the task but the problem is that those VOBs have 4 audio tracks - 4 different languages. There’s no option in WinAvi Converter to select desired language, so the converted file comes with a wrong language… Any advice?

I am sorry for delay!

What kind of your vob file? copy from DVD or single vob file?
Maybe I would recommend one product from imtoo to you!


Thanks for responding :slight_smile:
What I have is a full DVD copy, VOB,BUP and IFO files. There are 4 audio tracks in every VOB. ( I can open them with VLC player and that’s what it shows.) When I convert the first VOB to AVI somehow it comes with English but all the rest with another languages.

Maybe the imtoo dvd ripper will help you, you can google it!
before you convert the file you can choose the track from the ‘Audio’ which on the interface under the menu bar

Yes, it did help. Thank you for your assistance.

It’s my pleasure, if you have another problem you can post here again
Thanks for your support!