Select from all capable write speeds in nero?

I have NERO 7 with a nice new LiteOn-SHM165H6S.
My issue is for two reasons.

  1. My DVD burner may be new, but my PC is not, burning at 6X for my old HDDs causes a lot of buffer underruns, and slows the recording down.
  2. I’m not impatient and the general concensus agrees that burning slower will get you a better burned disc (less PI/PIFs)

Basically i’m trying to get Nero to give me all possible speed options so that, if I may wish, can use my 16X DVD recorder to burn an 8x media at 1x or 2.4x.
I know other programs like Alcohol and DVDDecrypter can use the slower speed,the latter even using Nero’s writing engine so I know Nero is capable of slower recording.
Any hints on how I can accomplish this thru prefs or registry editing?

the general concensus agrees that burning slower will get you a better burned disc (less PI/PIFs)

This is a fairly controversial statement when talking about dvd’s and not backed up by individual testing here on the forums. Slowing down burns for cd’s is pretty much agreed upon, but dvd’s are another story. The firmware of the drive isn’t optimized for 1x or 2.4x burns. If I were you, I’d stick with burning at 4x if you are having problems with the faster speeds.

All of the 8x media I have used in the past could be written to at 4x with no problems in my particular burners. Burn a few and run some scans. See if the results are acceptable to you.

My statement is based on my personal testing, fellow disc burners, a few other posts, and various articles/reviews on media and harware. My first and foremost issue is to try and reduce the work my hard disk has to do to keep up with recording the disc at that speed. I have burned at a slower speed (2x) with aforementioned media without problems in other burning programs. Alcohol isn’t exactly good for burning anything that isnt a pre-built ISO.

So, is Nero isn’t capable of displaying all available record speeds?

Nero [B]will[/B] give you all the available speeds , it’s just that modern burners/media tend not to have the really slow speed options available. It’s to do with the burners firmware.

What is always very important is that your HD is regularly defragged & that the burner is on a separate IDE channel to the source , ie the HD, and finally that DMA is enabled on all devices.

Unless your system is really old burning at 8x should not be a problem generally. An ATA/100 hard drive can supply the burner at 16x without too much of a problem.

First try to Defrag you HD and empty Recycle bin and delete Temp files and make sure you have atleast 10 GB of unused HD before using DVDShrink to rip and shrink your movie and that might give you a chance to see all the available speed in Nero also.