Select Burn Speed W/dvdfab


I’m new to the forum so I hope this question isn’t a repeat.

I’m using DVDFab w/Nero Burning ROM. How do I select a burn speed other than the maximum (usually 16X)?

When it’s time to burn, DvdFab gives the option of selecting the burn speed with a pull down menu but when I select a speed other than the maximum (i.e. 8X) Nero Buring ROM automatically selects the maximum speed.

Does DVDFab only allow slowest/fastest burn speeds?

Any help would be appreciated.

Open the settings in the little star in the taskbar, Under the “write” tab you will see the speed settings.

Thanks for the reply. However as I stated earlier when DvdFab prompts me to select a write speed which is less than the maximum (i.e. I’ll usually select 6X), Nero Burning ROM begins and the speed is always 16X even when I had previously selected a slower speed. I don’t know if there is a setting in Nero that I’m missing or is this a bug with DvdFab?

The settings is Fab probably only apply to built in VSO burning engine. You will probably have to set the settings in Nero or anyother burnning engine that you use when not using VSO.