Seinfeld Troubles

Anyone have troubles with audio when converting Seinfeld DVDs? I have been converting my seinfeld DVDs to iPhone and after doing about 10 episodes I noticed all of them have audio artifacts. I’m using the exact same settings that I’m using to do my movies which have no problems whatsoever. The only difference between the movies and seinfeld is the resolution, everything remains the same.

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this, and what can I try to remedy this?


Audio artifacts ? what mean is have some little noise in audio ? or other problem, which version is your using ?

Well the exact sounds are hard to describe, but to say the least, the audio is not clear. It’s like pingy, digital noise like. I’m using


Did you try to use other profile to convert it ? like convert it use audiocopy first, make sure the source audio track is no problem, and then try to convert it to mp3, which can help me to make sure it is convert process problem or encoder problem.


I’ll give it a try. I’m only using the iPhone profile, I have no use to convert using others.

I converted the audio to m4a and it still had the same problems. I tried converting to mp3 but gave up after waiting for over an hour for it to do anything. Progress bar didn’t move, shouldn’t take that long for a 23 minute episode.

[QUOTE=tameanaka;2122228]Anyone have troubles with audio when converting Seinfeld DVDs? [/QUOTE]

Yes…I have experienced the same audio problems that you describe with Season 3.

The solution I used was to create avi(h264 + source audio) file. This was under the Mobile / Generic setting

This setting leaves the source audio files alone and the only problem using this setting was the sound level was low. Any time I used a setting that in some way mucked with the audio, I had problems

my problem is with Seasons 1-3 so far…haven’t tried later ones yet as I’d like to go in order.


I got one sample from our user Hivolt, and I can repeat the beep problem, I think the problem is the same as this thread report it. I am try to fix them.