Seinfeld season 7 backup

How do I create a decrypted (or similar) backup of my Seinfeld season 7 (vol 6) dvd:s? Have tried DVDFab Decrypter ( and it worked on disc 1. On the second disc both drives (Nec 3520 & a dvd-rom drive) halts near the end of the DVDFab rip.

I’ve also tried using DVD Decrypter ( both with and without PSL2 (ARccOS) plugin for PgcEdit v It didn’t work…

I’d appreciate any insights on the subject. :confused:


I also have problems with Seinfeld 7, german version.

noch chance with shrink, the files cant be opened

clonedvd starts to repair the dvd structure, starts the “film”, but then it stops too, damaged file …

is there a chance to get it with a anydvd update in the next time?

thanx for your help!

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I have also failed to successfully back up my Season 7 with DVDFab Platinum. Does anyone know how to do this with DVDFab Platinum?