Seinfeld season 3

Ok, im trying to make a copy of seinfeld season 3, so i put this disk in (using dvdshrink) and it analyzes everything fine, then as soon as it starts to encode, it switches to PIO mode, i’ve uninstalled/re-installed numerous times and it never fails to switch back to PIO…

any suggestions?

Could you elaboate little on it switching back to pio mode and what you mean, and what makes you think that is happening? PIO mode is a transfer method on how your drives comunicate with the system. Are you getting an error or seeing it in a log that it is in pio mode or is it causing a problem? Prehaps you are refering to somthing else than what I am thinking of? If you are talking about the transfer mode of your drives, you can be running pio mode, and windows will falslly report dma mode (dma mode 2 but not ultra dma mode 2). This seems to happen with nforce chipset boards the most from what I have seen. If that is infact the problem, setting dma in windows doesn’t do any good unless it is enabled in the bios.
Could you elaborate on the problem a little more?

Well, i noticed it was taking like 2 hrs to encode when it usually takes 20 mins or so, so i checked the primary ide channel, and when i started copying it was showing dma mode, then once the encoding started i checked again and it was in pio mode

I’m guessing that it didn’t used to do this and now it does? That is pretty strange. I would check the bios settings just to be sure dma is enabled there.
Have you made any hardware changes recentlly? I’m just throwing a few guesses out there, but perhaps if you have a slower drive as master, its controler might be restricting the controler on the slave drive, causing it to kick into a lower mode. If you have a spare ide cable, maybe that would be something to check. A damaged ide cable can cause all kinds of strange problems and it wont nesasarilly stop the drives from working all together.

That is correct, it didnt normally do this, and it seems to be only doing this on all of the seinfeld dvd’s. Im afraid i dont know what an ide cable is, but i know i dont have a spare one :slight_smile: