Seinfeld S4 - Backup problems



Hi ,

I thought I better let you know about the Seinfeld season 4 dvds that were released in the last few weeks both R1 and R2.

It seems that they have a protection system that is not unlocked by the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD is unable to process the vob files.

Ive tried two other software (dvdxcopy and dvd dycrypter) and both have problems at the same percentage. Also tried just copying the vob files directly to the HD first - no joy.

Im fairly experienced with this and have managed to get around the previous ‘ring’ or ‘puppetlock’ system by removing the dummy chapter inserted with the ‘ring’ system on it. This seems to be different though. The discs are all brand new, Ive checked a few other forums and loads of people have mentioned problems with this recent sony release, buyt they get shouted down and told to go and wipe the disc. This is deja vu of when puppetlock started appearing, noone took the problems for real.
THey appear as cyclical redundancy errors but they play superbly on 3 standalone dvd players (inc. 1 that doesnt have the best laser) and even plays fine on PC dvd player. But when you try to back it up it feigns a read error! I sat there and watched the previewscreen to see the exact chapter when it would stop reading as I knew it was around 18% on one diec and 83% on another (sound symmetrical) , once caught, I tried it again but removing the chapter , bear in mind that when you view the preview panel when you are selecting the chapter and titles, clonedvd can read and display them FINE , but when you start the backup process it suddenly messes up at that same point. Even with that chapter removed (it was the end credits) clonedvd still had a problem near the end of the chapter and threw up a cyclic redundancy error or an ‘unexpected eror’.

Hope this information helps you help us.



I “backed up” my season 4 R1 set of Seinfeld with DVDD & Nero Recode. No problems at all.

DVDxCopy is old and outdated. DVDD should be able to copy the files to your HD. Make sure you have the latest version and have AnyDVD turned off. Then run the files thru CloneDVD, DVDshrink, Recode or whatever compression program you like.

Maybe AnyDVD has a problem with it, but you don’t want to run DVDD & AnyDVD at the same time as they do the same thing.


@ nilsy,

Concerning your Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notification please note Olli’s comments #6 in the below Forum posting.

Also you state you are using the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. To clarify which version you are using please fully identify the versions you are using (Example AnyDVD version - CloneDVD version

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thats very odd, because Im using DVDD and every disc in the series is throwing up the same issues - will view perfectly (as stated) on all players, will even play fine via the viewpanel in ClonneDVD, but when you go to copy them it starts throwing up errors saying it cant read it!

Regarding versions, I have anydvd, and cloneDVD (note Ive already sent a heads-up email to elby).

Ive had plenty of discs over the last couple of years that yes, have had cylclical redundancy errors and reading issues due to the poor quality of the disc, and I’d like to think that Im quite good at spotting them via playing them in different sets of dvd players. I reckon I can tell when thats not the issue. But look, if goober22 says that he did backup his seinfeld R1 discs on DVDD then fair enough maybe it isnt ‘a new protection system’ or could it be just on the R2? has that happened before?

The thing is whenever it has happened with CloneDVD in the past I have reverted to DVDD and then used CloneDVD on the files once they are on the HD. On this case I have left the Seinfeld disc on DVDD and it is still just slowly error reading every sector consecutively for 8 hours, I had to just abort it after that. Ive had it running again now for 3 hours with the settings to ‘read error reties to ‘0’’ and ‘ignore read errors’ just to see whether it will actually get through it, its on ‘read errors : 630’ and counting…

The other thing possible that people have mooted on other threads is that it might be a bad press, well if so then every disc? and if so why do they all play perfectly all the way through on 4 different players and on the PC?


can you please try to rip to hd with vobblanker/anyDVD combination
and let me know whether you are able to transcode the output files
with clone dvd


am doing it now,


@ nilsy,

If you look through out the AnyDVD and CloneDVD Forums you will find numerous instances were some Forum member were reporting receiving Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notifications on a particular DVD Title and were other Forum member reporting not receiving any Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notifications on the same DVD Title. This problem is happening with increased frequency. Olli and other knowledgeable Forum members state this is because of poor quality during the manufacturing process of these DVD Titles.

I have personally experienced the same problem with National Treasure recently. I was receiving Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notification with my first copy of National Treasure. I returned this problematic copy and got another copy. With the second copy everything worked perfectly. This problematic first copy of National Treasure played perfectly well in both my computer DVD-Rom and DVD Burner and in my stand-alone desk top player but when attempting to make a back up copy I received Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notifications in a couple VOB files when using AnyDVD-CloneDVD or DVD Dycrypter-CloneDVD.

You can be ensured that both SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes Technical Staff are closely monitoring the AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and CloneCD Forums and are fully aware of problems Forum members are experiencing with the various encrypting copy protection schemes that being used.

In seeing all the recent problems that have been attributed to poorly manufactured DVDs it is not out of the realm to believe that you have two poorly manufactured Seinfeld Season 4 DVDs.

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you are probably right. If it is the case that brand new discs that play ok on dvd players but kick up issues when backing up, and replacement discs are fine on both instances then thanks for pointing it out. I havent read as many posts on the forums as of course many of you have so i apologise for jumping to conclusions.

Ive been using vobblanker / anydvd to copy the files onto the HD, it seemed to be doing well until it kicked out an error - ‘input error : reached end of VOB too early’
i checked the destination folder and it had copied 6.2gig out of the 7.1gig on the disc.
Im going to try it again, does anyone know of any particular settings i should have apart from the default?, thanks


same result if you try to rip using an older version of any dvd and vobblanker?

maybe it’s worth a try… if still available try AnyDVD and/or


You should try to play the discs in exactly the drive you used to read the discs. Maybe the combination disc & drive will give you errors.


I was able to test it with the 2nd disk of Seinfeld Season 4 R2

1st try AnyDVD5.2.6.1 & CloneDVD - got the cyclical redundancy error
2nd try AnyDVD5.2.6.1 & Vobblanker - ‘input error : reached end of VOB too early’
3rd try AnyDVD5.2.4.2 & Vobblanker - worked without a problem, output files
transcoded with CloneDVD


Can you try the AnyDVD beta, which should fix a bug introduced in


Ok, I did the test:

CloneDVD + AnyDVD failed at 16% CRC error
Vobblanker + AnyDVD succesfully with no errors




Is this a UK release?


I have used CD/DVD Data Recovery 1.0 software (about $40) with good results. You can first use DVD Decrypter to copy your back up to HDD, skip the faulty .vob’s file(s). Now start ANYDVD, then load the corrupted vob file(s) into CD/DVD Data Recovery and let this software to fix it (them). Add corrected .vob file to your back up files (in VIDEO_TS) in your hard drive and fire your CloneDVD to copy your back up whichever you like. The only thing is it might be time consuming, however once you find your corrupted file(s), you can leave your pc alone while being fixed.


@ fairplay,

Could you explain why you are doing all this weird stuff as described above?

Just visit SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD and use this software combination.

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This is only if you have a corrupted vob file, I don’t think AnyDVD-CloneDVD can fix a corrupted file.


@ fairplay,

Could you clarify exactly what you mean when you say “faulty vob file” and/or “corrupted vob file.” How did this vob file become “faulty” and/or “corrupted”?

Perchance is this “faulty” vob file and/or “corrupted” vob file contained on the original commercial factory retail DVD? Is this “faulty” vob file and/or “corrupted” vob file part of the encryption copy protection scheme?

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no it’s the german release or to be exactly, but don’t think
there is a difference, the swiss release