Seinfeld Problems! S01E04!



It seems no matter what software I use to try and rip this episode, the ripper always includes the commentary from this episode! It really starting to make me mad. Can someone please tell me how to rip this episode without the commentary! Please…


Please tell us what software you are using to rip this title.


I was using Aimersoft DVD Ripper, tried Clone dvd, and was using Handbrake for conversion… I was able to figure it out, I might as well say what the issue was. Apparently when you rip a tv episode, it contains in the VOB file multiple audio tracks, one for Spanish, one for English, one for commentary etc. Using Handbrake I left the audio track selection on “automatic” and for some reason it kept using commentary audio track for the conversion process! I figured it out when I was in VLC player and it had multiple audio track selection in the drop down menu. Thanks for the quick reply tho. Simple mistake, I am a noob tho.


No probs: thanks for feeding back and glad you got it sorted out. :slight_smile: