Seiki releases HDMI cable with built-in 4K upscaler

We’ve just posted the following news: Seiki releases HDMI cable with built-in 4K upscaler[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Because a 4k2k tv doesn’t have this in built, and nothing smacks of incompatibility issues and inferior picture quality like a basic copper hdmi cable …

Something else for the BestBuy drones to sell you on your way out the door.

[QUOTE=CDan;2721256]Something else for the BestBuy drones to sell you on your way out the door.[/QUOTE]It’s way too inexpensive for that.

Lol. HAHA.
Over here in oz, video shops are still happy to sell you a $50au (43us) hdmi cable that you can buy on eBay for $2 for a pair, including p&h.

Except that the eBay cables will support 8 channel pcm + 1080p and last the life of the equipment, and the in store cables will probably support 1080i/720p with stereo audio, for a few weeks until the heat destroys the soldering in the cable ends

I think everybody’s all being a bit harsh. This is truly an innovative product.

All sarcasm aside (yes, I was being sarcastic), I think this product could easily make even the worst signals look… (almost) exactly the same.

Seriously, isn’t the entire concept of 4k (and 2k) nothing more than a pointless placebo anyway? I can’t imagine any poor fools who would need such a useless gadget in the first place. Of course, I still use DVD’s, so perhaps I’m just old-school.

It’s been suggested that these things are actually meant for PC application where someone has a new 4K display without the video card to go with it. Of course, it won’t look any better, just fills the screen.