Seiki 50-inch 4K TV on sale for $1,299, offers Ultra HD for a regular HD price

The entry price for Ultra HDTV plunged by more than $10,000 earlier this week thanks to Sony’s new 4K sets, but now it’s going even lower with this model from Seiki. The brand is new to the US market and as such unfamiliar to most, but with a $1,300 listing on TigerDirect it’s been lighting up AV enthusiast and deal-hunting forums alike. We haven’t yet had a chance to see this display, but hope to take a look shortly. In the meantime, there are plenty of reasons not to be an early adopter – the infamous eye charts suggest 4K’s impact at this size may be reduced, it’s an unknown company with unknown standards for quality and service, a new HDMI standard may be incoming and there’s no content until the $699 FMP-X1 player arrives this summer – but with a sub-$2K pricetag some would say you can’t afford not to have an Ultra HD set in your possession. Those same people would also suggest inviting us over to watch the game (sports, console, but most likely a super high-res PC title if you can manage) on it, and indicate we are willing to bring refreshments.



Lol. You haven’t experienced tv until you’ve seen 540p on 4k2k …

Your blurry VHS collection will look great on this set! LOL

My 80386 ega games are going to look awesome, with the 4k2k upscaling :iagree:
Heroes Quest 1/ Space Quest 1, here I come!

Omfg! It’s better than real life! !!!

I’m going to go thru my downloaded FLVs - some of them look great on a 1-inch Dick Tracy wrist-TV. Those should be OUTSTANDING on those 50-inchers. I’m not sure we’ll waste time on those - we’ve moved well beyond mere 50-inch screens in the last few years. “52 or NOTHING!”

Pepst, thanks for this YouTube video. I’d have never given this screen a second thought but, while I wouldn’t be displaying games, I could imagine displaying videos on this screen and in a resolution quality more akin to our IPS computer screens now.